To help and support less fortunate and vulnerable individuals and families of all ages.

Make a difference!

The Dan On Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded by Mr. Dan On with the mission help the less fortunate and vulnerable of all ages from 1 to 100+ with education, food, and housing.

The foundation support other organizations such as the Asian Canadian Benevolent Association for the Elderly (ACBA). The ACBA is a non-profit organization that provides support and assistance to seniors of Asian descent living in the Greater Vancouver Area. ACBA offers a variety of services including social and recreational activities, transportation, home care, language interpretation, technology orientation, and since the start of Covid-19 grocery distribution and delivery. The organization also provides information and referral services to help seniors access community resources and support. ACBA aims to promote
the well-being and independence of Asian seniors and to help them live active and fulfilling lives. If you are interested in learning more about ACBA or in becoming a member, you can visit their website at or contact them directly for more information.


The foundation recently pledged to donate $10 million dollars to the Richmond Hospital to be used to purchase new CT Scan/MRI equipment. Another initiative is the sponsoring of Afghan and other refugees. The foundation has successfully sponsored a family to Canada, volunteers in the foundation helped refugees find housing, access healthcare and education, learn the local language, and connect with community resources and support.

Abroad, the foundation provide aid to schools in many rural areas of Vietnam to fund programs for Deaf & Mute children and adults. With personal support from Mr. Dan On himself, and through Dan On Foods, the foundation also provided desktop computers, laptops, and AV equipment to a remote area school im Sapa so the children there could learn and foster modern experience technology skills. The project did not stop there, massive quantity of nutritious food from Dan On Food and partners were also delivered, new weekly fresh milk delivery¬† service was also established to supplement the children’s dietary needs.