Besides production and business activities, giving back to society and community is also one of the core pillar of our mission.

This comes from the direction and aspirations of our Chairman, Mr. Dan On. He went through hardships and worked hard to achieve the success he enjoys today. There were people who helped him and the lessons he learned has helped him better understand how the world works. Understanding this problem, he spends a part of the company’s business budget to support and share with struggling communities.

Binh Duong, March 19, 2022 – Dan On Foods Vietnam has the opportunity to help the orphans at “Mai Am Tinh Me 2” in Thuan An to have fun and participate in outdoor activities on our My Phuoc 3 factory campus in Binh Duong. “Mai Am Tinh Me 2” is a charity organization run by Catholic nuns to take care of 90 orphans and provide shelter and love to these unfortunate children.

Dan On Foods create opportunities to help and support outdoor activities for children at “Mai Am Tinh Me 2” regularly every 2 Saturdays. The main activities of the visits will usually revolve around playing in the swimming pool, watching movies, exploring the factory premises and enjoying a full and nutritious meal at the canteen.

“Mai Am Tinh Me 2” comes to Dan On Foods factory at 10:00 a.m. every two weeks on Saturdays and the kids will gather at the parking lot in front of My Phuoc 3 factory, Binh Duong.

This regular activity will usually start with welcoming the children and counting the number of people gathered. Mr. Lam Le and some staff working on that Saturday will support and help the children during the activity.

After accounting for all the children, them and DOF staff will go to the pool area to change. Swimsuits will be provided for and prepared by the company staff and children will be assisted in picking out their swimsuits and changing.

Children will also be introduced to rules, swimming techniques and warm-up before swimming to ensure safety. After listening to the coach briefly, the children will be gently introduced to the water.

Swimming activities at the pool will usually take place until midday and sometimes company staff will also join the children. After swimming, the children will change clothes and watch movies at the company.

Dan On Foods also had the opportunity to chat with the guardians at “Mai Am Tinh Me 2” to get a more detailed look at the organization’s activities and how to support the children. The meeting was arranged and interviewed by Mr. Lam Le and the company also had new perspectives in creating value for society and developing more sustainable business activities for the company in the future.

Dan On Foods also supports many disadvantaged children organizations such as Khai Tri Duc Disabled School, Mai Am Tinh Me 2 Orphanage, Mai Am Dan Toc Ethnic Minority School, and Thuan An Mute & Deaf School. Besides that we also support the local Blind & Disabled communities in Binh Duong. With the desire to improve quality of life for the community and support at risk and disadvantaged populations, Dan On Foods will continue to expand and support in the near and far future.