“Giving is forever” is the core principle of the Dan On Foundation, guiding all its charitable goals. Founded by Dan On, Chairman of Dan On Foods Corporation, the foundation is dedicated to supporting underprivileged children and those in difficult circumstances, bringing positive value to the community.

A memorable moment at the Innovation Center

The event “Dan On Foods Excursion & CSR Activities 2024” took place on June 14, 2024, at the Dan On Foods factory, My Phuoc 3 branch, in collaboration with CANCHAM – Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam. The event raised over 35 million VND, and the Dan On Foundation also donated 10 desktop computers to the Tinh Me 2 Orphanage.

The tour involved 40 guests, including CANCHAM members and honorary guests. They had the chance to learn about the detailed processes of supplying, processing, and packaging Dan-D Pak products. They also explored sustainable facilities like the Mekong River, an organic garden, and a swimming pool. Additionally, the event featured a cooking experience at the Innovation Center, which opened in April this year.

Before the cooking activities, Mr. Dan On shared his thoughts on the purpose of the day’s CSR activities and the value of the Innovation Center. With him, culinary creativity with nutritious ingredients such as seeds and spices is intended to inspire cooking enthusiasts, serving as a cohesive force that binds people together, fostering a sustainable community with shared interests and goals, always ready to share and support those facing difficulties or hardships. This community spirit, nurtured by the Dan On Foundation, spreads positivity and delivers meaningful messages to those who need help, such as the children at Tinh Me 2 Orphanage, which the group would visit later.

Mr. Dan On was preparing the meals with everyone

Inspired by Dan On’s humanitarian vision, the cooking session was filled with joy and happiness, featuring delicious dishes like pan-seared sea bass with lemon pistachio sauce, beef burgers with garden salad, and spiced chicken drumsticks with maple syrup glaze. Each dish was judged and shared, enriching everyone’s culinary knowledge and promising to contribute to many more quality meals.

Review the dishes that have been fully prepared

Finally, the attendees visited Tinh Me 2 Orphanage, bringing meaningful gifts like clothes, books, and loving meals to the orphans. They also delivered and set up 10 desktop computers at the facility. This visit was a moment of reflection, sharing personal stories and sorrows, but underneath it all, the children shared a common dream of a brighter future.

Dan On Foods Corporation hopes to have many more opportunities to collaborate and partner in the ongoing CSR activities of the Dan On Foundation. The foundation’s community responsibility goes beyond temporary actions. Each value brought by the Dan On Foundation aims to create long-lasting, sustainable benefits. Even without the organization’s support, these achievements should continue their mission. This is the noble responsibility that Dan On Foundation strives for every day to help the disabled, underprivileged children, and those in difficult situations across Vietnam.

Join the Dan On Foundation in looking back at the meaningful moments of the event “Dan On Foods Excursion & CSR Activities 2024.”

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If you wish to join Dan On Foundation in its mission, contact us for dedicated support at: 034 964 8091 (Ms. Tracy – PR Manager)