In life, nothing is too difficult if your dreams are big enough. Each dream ignited is a way to make a brighter future. However, for Mr. Dieu Vuot, a student recently sponsored by the Dan On Foundation for a Master’s scholarship in Social Work at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City, his dream is the flame that ignites the fervent dreams of many other children.

Dan On Foundation Awarded Scholarship to Mr. Dieu Vuot

Every year, the foundation organizes support events for schools in remote areas, providing modern electronic devices like desktop computers and laptops to help students become familiar with technology. We also donate books and prepare warm meals for the children. For the Dan On Foundation, a child’s background is just a part of their past, not a determinant of their future. Access to education and career opportunities is what truly shapes their future. Therefore, the foundation’s mission is to ensure educational equality, meet the demand for high-quality education, and indirectly open up more career options for these children.

Điểu Vượt, born in 1998 and a member of the M’nong ethnic group from Đắk Nông province, graduated with honors in Sociology from Bình Dương University. He is known for his skill book for students, “Strong Luggage, Golden Future,” and is a visiting lecturer in Social Work at Bình Dương College of Technology and Trade Union Training. Vượt is also a frequent guest speaker at workshops and talk shows at various universities and colleges, such as Văn Hiến University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, and Saigon Polytechnic College.

Mr. Dieu Vuot Became Speaker on ‘School Violence and Social Media Behavior Culture’ at Saigon Polytechnic College

From his background and journey in seeking educational opportunities, Điểu Vượt recognized the importance of education for expanding his mindset and accessing career opportunities, particularly with the rapid advancement of AI. He developed a passion for becoming a university lecturer in Social Work and Sociology and initiated educational projects to enhance skills and critical thinking for ethnic minority students in Vietnam. He plans to establish a scholarship fund and a skills education center for these students, aiming to bridge the gap between schools and businesses by 2027. To achieve these goals, he understands the need to meet specific skill and expertise requirements.

Listening: Mr. Vuot’s Way of Empathizing with the Challenges Faced by the Younger Generation

Recognizing Điểu Vượt’s commendable achievements and his plans to help disadvantaged ethnic minority children, the Dan On Foundation saw his goals aligning perfectly with their mission and core values. Mr. Dan On, the founder of the foundation, agreed to award him a scholarship worth nearly 70 million VND for two years of study, covering four semesters of his Master’s program. This decision came after Vượt announced his official acceptance and enrollment in December 2023.

Mr. Dieu Vuot’s Engaging Talk with the Church Youth Community

Alongside his Master’s studies, Mr. Dieu Vuot has been actively involved in assisting orphaned children and ethnic minority communities at the Lai Thieu Ethnic Shelter in Binh Duong province. He has organized teaching programs on life skills, continuously inspiring these children about the efforts that will be rewarded on their journey to pursue their personal passions.

Mr. Dieu Vuot Shared Insights with Marie Curie Elementary School Students on ‘Exploring Passion Beyond Hobbies

The Dan On Foundation hopes that Điểu Vượt won’t be the only talent but the first to set a shining example for future generations. We aim to expand the scholarship program’s impact, promoting good values and creating a community where everyone has access to quality education, improving each individual’s life. Additionally, the Dan On Foundation awards special scholarships to students at both Vietnamese and international universities.